Her eyes were fastened on the prey and her leg muscles bunched and quivered ready to spring. Nagel screamed to her. “Was it too late…?” His life was split between homelessness and slavery. Can he with no one to really care about him, become an honorable man in outlook and stature in such a wild primitive land as Ancient Babylon?

All ages of readers will enjoy learning how Nagel’s experience with animals and especially his knowledge of horses became a lifesaver for him. Will the faithfulness of his blind friend Jarro or the honesty of big black Neo be enough to save him from his life of not belonging anywhere?

Much of the beauty of Forester’s work is the author’s own illustrations designed to look like ancient mosaics and paintings. This historical fiction novel recreates ancient Babylonia before the reader’s eyes. Forester carefully researched the era and culture, in hopes of giving her readers an accurate depiction of Nagel’s time.

The interesting characters are too many to mention. The witty sayings and honest human emotion make this engaging coming-of-age story worth reading. The Adventures of Nagel of Ancient Babylonia shows our human needs to be loved and successful are unchanging over the history of the world and instill in readers a love for adventure and passion for life.



Being free from his day after day heavy work load was scary and exhilaratingly wonderful at the same time, even if he had been caught, it had been worth the risk but not if he must DIE for it!

What he didn’t know is we are all always alone, we live inside our own minds looking out with our five senses but does anybody really know our true thoughts or feelings, even when we try hard to explain them. If so, who?


They all marched up the hill, bunched closely together with their feet sinking ankle deep into the sand. Some of the strange, smelly intruders were behind them and some ahead of them. They were following the same trial where the runaway packhorse had snorted off to. Then a little further on up over the top of the ridge and SMACK-O, nothing could have prepared them for such a magnificent sight!
… Loud grand flowing big country music here please…

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